Humelock II ® Hemi

Trauma Hemi Prosthesis

The Humelock II ® Hemi is a 135° neck shaft angle platform-style convertible stem for trauma cases only. The stem (120mm) has a Unique-To-Market fixation with distal interlocking screws (18mm to 36mm) that allow the surgeon to set the Height & Version intraoperatively with an aiming guide. The plasma sprayed CP Ti (titanium) and HA (hydroxyapatite) coating proximally is designed to enable healing of the tuberosities and to promote long term fixation.
The reattachment of the tuberosities is made easier by having a non-filling proximal stem (Orthopaedics & Traumatology: Surgery & Research 105 (2019) 805–811) that uses and using the hole medially to ensure the sutures are well attached and the tuberosities well fixed.
The stem is attached to the head by a double morse taper. In case of revision surgery, the female taper can be reversed to convert the prosthesis from Hemi to Reversible.
Features include 4 cementless stem size options (8mm to 14mm), 12 possible humeral head size options (39mm to 50mm in both centered and eccentric options with additional eccentric for sizes 52 and 54mm) and our First-and-Only-to-Market Titanium Nitride (TiN) coated alternate bearing surface option Humeral Heads.
Cemented options are also available (6mm to 12mm).

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