FX V135 TM Mini Reverse

Primary Inlay Convertible Mini Shoulder Prosthesis

The FX V135 TM Reverse is a 135° neck shaft angle platform-style inlay convertible mini stem. The mini 70mm humeral stem has an innovative design which gives optimal fixation proximally and allows for intra-operative options. With its tulip-shape and the plasma sprayed CP Ti (titanium) and HA (hydroxyapatite) coating proximally, it is designed to promote cementless long term fixation. The FX V135 TM humeral stems have suture holes proximally (anterior and posterior) and a recess in the proximal medial stem to also facilitate the use of sutures (if needed).
Features include 12 cementless stem sizes (10mm to 20mm), 3 glenosphere sizes (32, 36 & 40mm), all with a 3.5mm lateralization, 6 heights of UHMWPE polyethylene humeral cups at 135° and/or with face changing from 135° to 145° including stability and standard depth (108 possible combinations) and our First-and-Only-to-Market Titanium Nitride (TiN) coated alternate bearing surface glenosphere.
The humeral cups are net shape molded polyethylene onto a titanium alloy shell to attach the humeral cup to the stem with a double morse taper that eliminates the need for back table assembly and possible backside wear.
The glenoid baseplate is one of the smallest on the market with a 24mm diameter and 2 options: a central peg with post lengths available in +6mm or +10mm (see picture); or a central screw (8mm to 20mm) option that allows for further compression.
There are lateralized glenoid baseplates in both central peg or central screw styles with lateralization of +3mm or +6mm. There are, additionally, 7.5° or 15° half-wedge augments with the possibility of +3mm or +6mm of lateralization. The half-wedge augments are only available in the central screw option. There are 12 total options of glenoid baseplates offered in the FX portfolio.

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