FX V135 TM Mini Anatomical

Primary Inlay Convertible Mini Shoulder Prosthesis

The FX V135 TM Anatomical is a 135° neck shaft angle platform-style inlay convertible mini stem. The mini 70mm humeral stem has an innovative design which gives optimal fixation proximally and allows for intra-operative options. With its tulip-shape and the plasma sprayed CP Ti (titanium) and HA (hydroxyapatite) coating proximally, it is designed to promote cementless long-term fixation. The FX V135 TM humeral stems have suture holes proximally (anterior and posterior) and a recess in the proximal medial stem to also facilitate the use of sutures (if needed).
The FX V135 TM anatomical configuration features a taper component that will allow for 360° of eccentricity providing for a dual eccentricity offering between the taper and the humeral head components. New with this system, FX is launching humeral head components with variable head heights to allow surgeons more flexibility to best match the patients’ anatomy.
Features include 12 cementless stem size options (10mm to 20mm), 42 possible humeral head size and height options (39mm to 50mm in both centered and eccentric with additional eccentric options for sizes 52 and 54mm for Hemi arthroplasty only) and our First-and-Only-to-Market Titanium Nitride (TiN) coated alternate bearing surface option coated Humeral Heads.
Optimally sized glenoid options are available in 2 pegs, cement only option or a 3-4 pegs (see picture) with a cementless central peg option. 4 sizes available (XS, S, M, L).

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